Assist with itin from IRS




Woodcock Notary Public is a Certifying Acceptance Agent authorised by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to assist US expats and other foreign persons with obtaining ITINs from the IRS.

They are professional agents that can be relied upon to validate clients’ foreign status and identity quickly and efficiently, without the need to send original identity documents abroad. 

Graphic Design


We made several value adding brochures that covered a range of their services. Some of these brochures informed and educated their clients on the eligibility criteria and process to apply and renew their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Our research team along with their expertise chose a list of the most relevant subjects that would benefit their target audience.

These brochures were bursting with beautiful images and were very informative. They were made available online on their website as interactive PDFs.

This was one of the contributing factors that significantly earned traffic to their website. This also improved their visibility online and was great for search engine optimization.

Social Media


This element involved taking content from our articles and research based blogs and implementing them as  social media posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

We were on top of any updates and other relevant news related to notarial and ITIN related services. We then developed daily blogs and posts on current updates. This was then dispersed across all social media handles within a 24 hour turnaround time. 

Web Development


We designed a fresh, clean site that matches the simplicity and user-friendliness of their platform, adding pops of colour. We distinguished their services into three categories, utilised infographics and icons to give the user a breakdown of their process.

We got creative developing a website that was full of values adding content yet clear so that a user does not get overwhelmed with the amount of technical information. Our writing is clear and personal enough to make users feel reassured, well taken care of, and well-informed.

Keeping search intent at the forefront was key at every stage in our efforts to make everything as accessible as possible. We also focused on making site speed improvements. This approach resulted in a functional framework that the brand could manage internally.



Our team of talented graphic designers worked closely with the founder of Woodcock Law and Notary public to develop a range of logos that brings forth what this business represents. 

We chose fun, vibrant colours and designed a logo that strikes a perfect balance so that it is simple and yet captivating. 

‘It was a good representation of my surname, and I also became a dad while on the Notarial Practice Course several years ago.  I wanted to capture this aspect of my life into my seal and came across a painting of a Woodcock bird carrying its young. This image became the inspiration for my seal.’

 – Nathan Woodcock, Director.